Sitting on Father´s Knee, Gülhane Park, Istanbul, Turkey


Ataturk, Charles Kenwright

Ataturk Statue, Gühlane Park, Istanbul, Turkey
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The larger than life bronze statue of Mustafa Kemal has, it seems, a magical attraction for Turks. They like to climb up onto his lap and have their photographs taken. I suppose it´s to be expected for, after all, Mustafa Kemal, or Atatürk, as he is known, was the founder of modern day Turkey. Atatürk translated means Father of the Turks, and what can be better than sitting on your father´s knee?


Sangro River War Cemetery, Italy


Sangro River Charles Kenwright

The Sangro River War Cemetery, Italy
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The Sangro River War Cemetery contains 2617 Commonwealth burials of the Second World War. It is situated on the Adriatic coast, 26 kilometers north of Vasto

Waiting for the Night Train, San Lucia, Venice, Italy


Venice San Lucia Charles Kenwright

Waiting for the night train, San Lucia, Venice, Italy
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It was rather cold sitting in San Lucia waiting for the night train back to Munich, it was, after all, the end of October. This railway station in Venice is much the same as all European stations, but it´s name, “San Lucia”, gives it a romance that lifts it above names like “München Hauptbahnhof”.

Canal Photography, Venice, Italy


Gondolier Charles Kenwright

Gondolier, Venice, Italy
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I guess this shot goes under the category “Street Photography” although it really could be called “Canal Photography”.

A Venetian Selfie.


Venice Selfie Charles Kenwright

Venetian Selfie, Piazza San Marco, Venice, Italy
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This incongruous couple – trio, really – caught my eye on the Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy.


Sahara Sunset, Rotwand Summit, Bavaria, Germany


Rotwand summit Charles Kenwright

Sahara sunset from the Rotwand summit.
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I wrote yesterday that although the Sahara sand effectively ruined the chance of a chocolate box type sunset, mixed with the clouds it did produce an interesting sky. For me it was worth standing around on the summit of the Rotwand!

The Rotwand (1884m) lies in the Mangfall range of mountains which form part of the Eastern Pre-Alps south of Munich. They afford wonderful views, weather and Sahara permitting, of the Stubai, Zillertal and Bavarian Alps. We could see the Grossvernediger, the Zugspitze and the Olperer from there.

Sahara Sand at the Rotwandhaus, Germany


Rotwandhaus Charles Kenwright

The Rotwandhaus, Mangfallgebirge, Germany
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Günter and I walked up from Spitzingsee to the Rotwandhaus yesterday afternoon to spend the night there and photograph the sun going down over the Eastern Alps. Unfortunately we were thwarted by the Sahara sand which has been casting a rather gloomy blanket across the skies of Europe recently. We did take some photographs though, and we did spend the night up at the hut.

I´ll put a couple of shots up over the next few days, because, although we didn´t get that sunset hour, we did get some rather gloomy but interesting skies. The shot today was taken from just below the hut on the walk up. The hut stands above the snow field. There was still some blue skies to be seen, unfortunately, to the west, behind my back, the skies were darkening and filling with cloud and dust. That´s the way it goes with mountains, photography and sunsets.