The Mersey Docks and Harbour Board’s Pilot Jetty at Point Lynas, Anglesey, UK


Point Lynas Charles Kenwright

The Mersey Docks and Harbour Board’s Pilot Jetty at Point Lynas, Anglesey, UK
copyright: charles kenwright/

Anglesey lies in the approaches to the River Mersey and the port of Liverpool. This jetty at Point Lynas, just next to the small lighthouse, is sometimes used by Mersey Pilots to board their Cutters and go out to the waiting ships to guide them into the River Mersey. Point Lynas is situated on the north east side of the island. I took this shot at 6.30pm., it was already getting dark and the light was failing quickly, which for me, only added to the mystery and beauty of the place.

Late Evening, Pointe du Raz, South Finistère, Brittany, France


Point du Raz Charles Kenwright

Pointe du Raz, South Finistère, Brittany, Bretagne
copyright: charles kenwright/

This is the nautical radio communications centre at Pointe du Raz. It was another big coastal sky but this time coupled with a howling gale blowing in from the Atlantic. A scene both breathtaking in the visual as well as physical sense!

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Leaden Sky, Penmarch, South Finistère, Brittany, France


Penmarch Charles Kenwright

Penmarch, South Finistère, Brittany, France
copyright: charles kenwright/

Some of the most interesting landscapes, or in this seascape, are, at first look, the most gloomy. The remains of the concrete pier are, I have to admit, pretty ugly, the sky is one of those “is it going to pour down?” skies, but non the less, the place has a certain gravity – it fascinated me more than if it had had a blue sky and nice fluffy sheepy clouds. But there again, I do tend towards a certain gloom in my photography.

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Misty Sunrise, Rivière de Morlaix, North Finistère, Brittany, France


Morlaix Charles Kenwright

Misty Sunrise, Rivière de Morlaix, North Finistère
copyright: charles kenwright/

The tide was out, revealing the mud banks. The sun shone through the early morning mist giving the scene a ghostly feel. It was a wonderful 30 minutes or so until the mist was burnt off and the atmosphere was gone.

Winter´s Return, Wallis, Switzerland


Allalinhorn Charles Kenwright

The Hohlaubgrad and the Rimpfischorn
copyright: charles kenwright/

Winter is never far away above 3000 meters. It had snowed in the night up at the Britannia Hut (3030m) and we awoke to see the rocks around the hut covered in snow. The day was cold, windy and seemed to have jumped a few months into the winter season. The strong winds, though, blew the clouds through at great speed which gave us  constantly changing views. This photograph shows the lower part of the Hohlaubgrat dropping down from the Allalinhorn and, behind that,  the lower part Rimpfischorn lit by the early morning sun.

Folk Costume, Landerneau, North Finistère, Brittany, France #2


Landerneau Charles Kenwright

Folk Costume, Landerneau, North Finistère, Brittany, France
copyright: charles kenwright/

Here is a second photograph taken at the music festival in Landerneau. The complete picture gallery can now be seen online. Please feel free to click through the photographs.

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Chosen! Ausgewählt!


Frauenau Trinkwassertalsperre Charles Kenwright

Frauenau Trinkwassertalsperre, Bayerischer Wald, Germany
copyright: charles kenwright/

I´m happy to write that my photograph, “Frauenau Trinkwassertalsperre”, has been selected by the jury to be displayed in the second annual exhibition at the Litvai Galerie für Fotografie in Landshut. The exhibition runs as part of the 9th Landshut Art Night.The jury comprised the Artist Stefanie Reiter, Jörg W. Ludwig, Galerist, LA Projects and Franz Schneider, Chairman Neue Galerie, Landshut. The Vernissage will take place at the gallery on Friday the 12th September from 8pm.

Es freut mich Ihnen mitzuteilen, dass mein Bild „Frauenau Trinkwassertalsperre“ von der Jury in die zweite Jahresausstellung der Litvai Galerie für Fotografie, im Rahmen der 9. Landshuter Kunstnacht, gewählt worden ist. Mitglieder der Jury waren Stefanie Reiter (Künstlerin), Jörg W. Ludwig (Galerist, LA Projects) sowie Franz Schneider (Vorsitzender Neue Galerie Landshut).

Die Vernissage findet am Freitag, 12. September ab 20. Uhr statt.