New Video and Workshop


It´s been a busy time recently, hence the gap in posting here. Last Saturday I held my first photography workshop here in Landshut, it was hosted by a local photography store, Foto Petzold. The subject was abstract city photography. It went well and I had a load of fun leading it – hopefully the four participants did too! I´ll be presenting this workshop twice next year – I´ll posting more details about it soon.

I´ve just finished quite a challenging video project. An electricity supplier has built a new fish ladder which runs between two hydro power station on the River Isar here in Lower Bavaria. Kerstin Erbe and I had the job of documenting the path of fish along it, from it´s beginning at the hydro power plant at Niederaichbach to their exit at Altheim. This video has a number of firsts for me. Firstly it´s the first time I´ve used my Nikon D800 for a complete video. That entailed buying a new camera rig with follow focus and production monitor. I was really pleased with the results from it. Secondly, because we also wanted underwater footage of the fish swimming against the current, I bought a GoPro Hero 4. This worked well and shooting at 2.7K allowed me room in the edit to do some zooming and pans. The water tight case that comes with it was excellent and when placed on the extra pole, got me into a few interesting corners. The big third were the drone shots! Yes    I´ve now got a DJI Phantom 3 Pro Drone. That was a real quantum leap for me, involving a pretty steep learning curve! Anyway, after a few piloting problems, I got the hang of it pretty quickly. I´m still pretty cautious with my flying though and am keeping it simple. This can film up to 4k video as well as taking stills. I´m really pleased with it and can recommend it. Here is the link to my video on Vimeo, I hope you enjoy it!

Ellmauer Tor – a Hard Hot Slog!


This week I went up to Ellmauer Tor in the Wilder Kaiser, Tirol, Austria. The Tor is a saddle at about 2000 meters at the south end of the Steinerne Rinne a narrow pass which cuts through some of the most impressive rock architecture, well, anywhere! I wanted to spend the night up there and photograph the Milky Way. What with all the camera gear, sleeping gear etc. and 3.5 liters of water (the Kaiser is limestone which means water just percolates down underground), I was carrying about 24 Kilos – I really will have to get that weight down!! I also had to set off from my car in the afternoon on a very hot day. To put it mildly it was a slog. But anyway, every journey comes to an end – sometime, and I eventually reached the Tor late afternoon. It was then a case of setting up my camp.

Elbmauer Tor Charles Kenwright

Home sweet home, Ellmauer Tor taken with my mobile phone
copyright: charles kenwright/

The view was spectacular, and after I´d rested a bit, eaten my evening meal, I felt like taking some shots. It slowly began to get dark and the light began to change. It´s always fascinating to just watch the changes as day changes to dusk to night. At around 10.30 it was dark enough to see the Milky Way which, up there, alone in such magnificent surroundings, was simply awesome. I use the word “awesome” not in it´s watered down way, which it´s often used today, but in it´s true meaning – extremely impressive or daunting; inspiring awe.

Elbmauer Tor Charles Kenwright

The Milky Way, Ellmauer Tor, Tirol, Austria
copyright: charles kenwright/

It was still very warm as I eventually packed my camera gear together and climbed into my sleeping bag. The light breeze wafting through the open zip on the flysheet cooled me a little and helped me to drift off into a deep sleep.

I just have to get that damned weight down somewhat!

Towards Rhoscolyn Head, Anglesey Coastal Path, Wales

Anglesey Coastal Path Charles Kenwright

Anglesey Coastal Path, Wales
copyright: charles kenwright/

I took this on the stretch from Treardurr to Four Mile Bridge. The Coastal Path, with a length of somewhat over 200 kms, runs through a wonderful and varied landscape. Taking this island at walking pace allowed us the time to really appreciate this beautiful coastline.

Lifting Clouds. Hoher Tauern, Austria

Hoher Tauern Charles Kenwright

Lifting Clouds, Hoher Tauern, Austria
copyright: charles kenwright/

The heavy rain on Saturday night turned to snow. But Sunday dawned dry and the thick cloud cover lifted up into the sunlight which is just starting to pick out the ridge running down from the Oberer Focherzkopf. Both the beginning and end of bad weather can give some very dramatic lighting effects.

Traeth y Gribin, Anglesey Coastal Path

Treath y Gribin

Treath y Gribin, Anglesey Coastal Path
copyright: charles kenwright/

I took this shot on the last day of our walk around the coast of Anglesey – I know I´ve jumped ahead there, but I´ll be posting more shots of the walk over the next few days. Treath y Gribin is just before the Stanley Embankment which leads over to Holy Island and Holyhead, our start and end point. By the way Treath is Welsh for beach and Gribin can mean jagged ridge

The Rieserferner Mountain Massif, South Tirol, Italy.

The picture gallery is now online and can be seen if you follow this link! I hope you enjoy it!

Rieserferner Charles Kenwright

The Rieserferner Mountain Massif, South Tirol, Italy.
copyright: charles kenwright/