Cloudscapes – The Speeding Sky


Cloud Banners. copyright: charles kenwright/

The Speeding Sky. copyright: charles kenwright/

The Speeding Sky


12 Months, a Winter Trailer


I´ve been rather quiet of late, it´s been partly due to the amount of work I´ve put in on a long term video/sound project I´m making on an ex military training ground near here, which is now a nature reserve. This is a winter trailer for “12 Monate” which will hopefully give you some idea about what the project´s about. The release date will be sometime in 20119.

Pond – A Soundscape


This soundscape is part of a long term project called “12 Monaten” I´m making about an ex military training ground near Landshut, Bavaria, Germany. First you can hear general sounds from around the pond, then, using a hydrophone, I´ve recorded the sounds in the water. What you can hear are various insects stridulating. I think the louder stridulations are made by Notenecta glauca – in English water boatman or backswimmer and in German, Gemeiner Rückenschwimmer. It´ll be interesting to record sound here as the year progresses, the water becomes warmer and more animals both invertebrate and vertebrate become active, for example toads and frogs.