Lost Shoe


This is the first Lost Shoe I´ve posted for a while – but that doesn´t mean I´ve stopped photographing them though, because I haven´t. I found this fine example in Landshut this morning.

copyright: charles kenwright/ www.openmind-images.com

copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com


Solutré Pouilly, Bergundy, France


Solutré Pouilly, Bergundy, France. copyright: charles kenwright/ www.openmind-images.com

Solutré Pouilly, Bergundy, France. copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

The myth has it that prehistoric man drove wild horses and reindeer from the summit. But the archeological proof shows they didn´t.

Entschleunigte Fotografie Workshop


Zeit zum durchtman auf die Fraueninsel im Chiemsee, Deutschland.
25 bis 27 Mai 2018, bei unser Entschleunigte Fotografie Workshop mit Sabine Nahler und Charles Kenwright. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen eine tatsächlich neue „Sichtweise“ der Fotografie zu vermitteln.
Für mehr Information bitte kontaktieren Charles Kenwright
Email info@openmind-images.com Betreff: Workshop

Britain: For the Love of God, Please Stop Theresa May

Benjamin Studebaker

On June 8 (this Thursday), Britain has a general election. I care deeply about British politics–I’m doing my PhD at Cambridge. But more importantly, Theresa May’s government has managed the country’s economy and public services with stunning fecklessness, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do my part to point this out.

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