Scallop Charles Kenwright

Macro Scallop shell
copyright: charles kenwright/

We found this on a beach in New Zealand, it´s been on a bookshelf for a few years along with other bits and bobs that we brought back. It caught my eye again yesterday so I thought I´d do a shot of it.

Macro Fern

Macro Fern Charles Kenwright

Macro Fern
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I´ve really not done any macro photography for ages therefore, it was a pleasure to get down to some today! I took three shots of this fern each with a slightly differing focus and then, after processing in CaptureOne and exporting as psds, I used photo merge in Photoshop to give a broader focus.

Giving Back: 8.10.2005

Sturm Kenwright

Giving Back. 8 November 2005
Photograph: Christiane Sturm

A life spent near that river,
Always there, at his back.
From a teenage office boy
To an old man, always at his back.
What he sold came up that river
To be refined, made ready.
The Pier Head, his base,
His start, to drive his Morris Minor
Across the North with
Samples in bottles, cotton wool wrapped.
The Mersey, that massive weather vane
Of the British rise and fall, he saw it all,
The freighters, the tankers, the convoys.
And later, its emptiness,
A backdrop to his life.
And now he´s gone, dead,
Turned to grey ash.
No better place for him to be
But in that river.
We stand, three generations by that river.
I climb the railings and then,
Down the slippery stone steps
I carry him towards that flow
And then, with the ebbing tide,
I release him, like fry,
Back to where we all came from.

Looking north in the Erstergebirge, Bavaria, Germany

Erstergebrige Charles Kenwright

Looking North in the Estergebirge, Bavaria, Germany
copyright: charles kenwright/

I´ve been rather, in fact, very quiet for a while – I´ve just been rather busy. But last weekend I was in the Erstergebirge above Garmish-Partenkirchen in the Bavarian Alps. And now I´m going to give you Anglo Saxons a giggle chance – This photograph was taking on the top of a mountain there called – Wank – OK, that´s enough giggling in the back row there! I was staying at the hut. The weather was very mixed and gave some very atmospheric shots, more of which you can see here on my website at

Derelict Barn, Old Military Training Ground, Landshut, Bavaria Germany

Landshut Charles Kenwright

Derelict Barn, Landshut, Germany
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I´ve had my eye on this barn for a long time now. It´s on the nature reserve which used to be a military training ground, near where I live. Eventually it will collapse in on itself and go the way of many of the building that used to be here.