Lost Shoe


This is the first Lost Shoe I´ve posted for a while – but that doesn´t mean I´ve stopped photographing them though, because I haven´t. I found this fine example in Landshut this morning.

copyright: charles kenwright/ www.openmind-images.com

copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com


Solutré Pouilly, Bergundy, France


Solutré Pouilly, Bergundy, France. copyright: charles kenwright/ www.openmind-images.com

Solutré Pouilly, Bergundy, France. copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

The myth has it that prehistoric man drove wild horses and reindeer from the summit. But the archeological proof shows they didn´t.

Britain: For the Love of God, Please Stop Theresa May

Benjamin Studebaker

On June 8 (this Thursday), Britain has a general election. I care deeply about British politics–I’m doing my PhD at Cambridge. But more importantly, Theresa May’s government has managed the country’s economy and public services with stunning fecklessness, and I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t do my part to point this out.

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