Pond – A Soundscape


This soundscape is part of a long term project called “12 Monaten” I´m making about an ex military training ground near Landshut, Bavaria, Germany. First you can hear general sounds from around the pond, then, using a hydrophone, I´ve recorded the sounds in the water. What you can hear are various insects stridulating. I think the louder stridulations are made by Notenecta glauca – in English water boatman or backswimmer and in German, Gemeiner Rückenschwimmer. It´ll be interesting to record sound here as the year progresses, the water becomes warmer and more animals both invertebrate and vertebrate become active, for example toads and frogs.


Soundscape, Oderbruch, Germany


Oderbruch, Brandenberg

copyright: charles kenwright/ http://www.openmind-images.com

A Soundscape The banks of the River Oder on the German/Polish border. To see and hear this click on this link