Paris, France


Paris. copyright charles kenwright/

Paris. copyright charles kenwright/

The charm of a place


Entschleunigte Fotografie Workshop


Zeit zum durchtman auf die Fraueninsel im Chiemsee, Deutschland.
25 bis 27 Mai 2018, bei unser Entschleunigte Fotografie Workshop mit Sabine Nahler und Charles Kenwright. Wir freuen uns, Ihnen eine tatsächlich neue „Sichtweise“ der Fotografie zu vermitteln.
Für mehr Information bitte kontaktieren Charles Kenwright
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The Exhibition is up and running


The launch went well last Friday evening, plenty of people turned up and the comments were positive – or at least the ones I heard. On an upbeat note, I was on duty there on Saturday and I sold one of the prints, which was a nice start to the run.

If anyone is in the near, it´s running until the 26th of November, Wednesday to Friday from 2pm till 5pm and Saturday 11am till 3pm at Litvai Galerie für Fotografie, Ainmillerhof, Altstadt 195a, 84028 Landshut, Germany

Here are two photos from the opening

Charles Kenwright (left) with Peter Litvai copyright Thomas Beißner

Charles Kenwright (left) with Peter Litvai, copyright Thomas Beißner

Peter Litvai, Charles Kenwright, Ibolya Litvai copyright Thomas Beißner

Peter Litvai, Charles Kenwright, Ibolya Litvai, copyright Thomas Beißner